BMW ACCESSORIES : BMW Partners with Fossil Group for Branded Accessories Drive

Increase in the sales of cars globally and growing interest in the concept of vehicle customization are driving the global exterior car accessories market. However, the latest trend of car customization is likely to remain one of the key factors in the growing demand for exterior car accessories. Need for speed and performance is also pushing the market for car accessories that support high performance. The most common exterior car accessories include mud guard, car wrap, taillight, reflectors, window films, fog lamp covers, sun roof, license plate cover, LED lights, bugflectors, decals, and others. Car owners are also moving towards personalization trend to enhance the look and overall style of the car.

The first items from the Fossil Group/BMW branded range will begin to drop into stores next year, with collections to be sold globally in more than 4,000 BMW retail channels and key retailers in Fossil Group’s extensive international network. BMW had recently announced plans to invest one billion euros to build a new plant in Hungary. The plant will be built near the city of Debrecen and will have a production capacity of 150,000 cars.

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